Honey Be Inspired is my blog or ranting outlet! Somewhere I can ponder and debate with anyone else that will listen, about the big, small and the funny stuff,  that happens in life when you are female.

I know that not everyone will share or appreciate my views but as an Ex Politics student, I love the thought of inviting others to air their views & opinions,  on all issues that I write about. Like Mrs Merton, I love a heated debate. In a friendly and diplomatic way :)

I’m a genuine philanthropist. I love people and  I am obsessed trying to find my own meaning to life. Now at the baby-grand age of 35, I feel I have learned a bit and starting to get an idea of how I want to conduct myself as a fully fledged modern woman. Some of the time anyway, it’s still a work in constant progress.

I’ve watched my parents divorce, started and ended 2 very significant relationships and unfortunately seen a few untimely deaths along the way. Hence I am obsessed with trying to make sure my time and experience on earth counts.
Getting the most out of our short time on this earth is so important to me, I feel we should all share our ideas, fears and tips on making the most of life. The best work is always done by sharing and inspiring each other to continually grow and try new things or look at different perspectives.

Whichever side of the feminist scale you straddle: Greer to Moran, women  should always come together to help, encourage and inspire each other. A women’s life is so different to a man’s, we need all the help we can get and to cheer each other along.

I hope my thoughts, views, insecurities, points of amusement and all other subject matters I share here,  are taken with the friendly pinch of salt they are sprinkled with. I just love being female, writing about all things affecting females and this is just intended to be some snacky type  food for feminist thought.